Thursday, April 29, 2010

"The Tale End"

My past and recent showbiz experience allowed me the privilege of being close to the great Hines, Hines, & Dad. For those who may not remember, they were a father and two sons: the elder Mr. Hines; Gregory Hines, Jr. and Maurice Hines. The sons were my peers and very close friends. There are many moments to share, of our special friendship.

They brought class and elegance to the stage. It was Gregory who helped bring the excellence of tap dancing back and inspired young men like Savion Glover. We were a part of a special time in the American Theatrical scene.

When I lived in Las Vegas, Mr. Hines and I had studio space at Henry Le Tang Studios; Tap Teacher extraordinaire. They both knew my Dad, and we shared many wonderful stories. Mr. Hines always said that Maurice, Gregory, and I were born at "The Tale End" of great---

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