Sunday, May 19, 2013


I am proud to have been a part of the commencement ceremony for the class of 2013 at Morgan State University; Today, Saturday, May 18th 2013.
It was a joyous occasion filled with such a deep sense of pride. Seeing so many young African American men and women graduating from college ready to go forward, helping to make our world a better place.
I was honored to be a part of the vocal faculty, that has inspired and shaped these talented voices that will undoubtedly, be a tremendous addition to the art world.
Below are a few moments captured for posterity 

 "A TRULY GIFTED SINGER" This young lady, Anne Bragg was one of my students who graduated.

    Here I 'm seen with my two fraternity brothers Vincent Dion Stringer and Colin Lett.

"HAVING ATTITUDE"  Some of the fraternity brothers and myself (2nd from the Rt).

It's hard to believe that the time has passed so quickly that this young lady and almost a thousand others of the Morgan State Family, will no longer be on campus.
We share in the joy of their accomplishments and with pride say: "JOB WELL DONE"

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Kenneth Kamal Scott, Anamer Castrello, Janice Chandler Eteme, and Vincent Stringer, the soloists for this matinee performance of the Beethoven's 9th Symphony with the Morgan State Choir and Orchestra on May 5th. With us Walter Kennedy second from the left, one of our advanced vocal students.

I have blogged earlier about my colleagues, Vincent Dion Stringer and Ms Janice Chandler Eteme.
However,the above photo is of our lovely Anamer Castrello. Mezzo Soprano and a member of our wonderful vocal faculty.
Ms. Castrello is like a warm summer breeze. Always a pleasure when we greet and a smile that lights the room.

Presently she is sharing her wonderful voice and talent in the production of Show Boat at The Washington National Opera at Kennedy Center.
We the faculty and students of Morgan State University are fortunate that she is a member of our vocal family.
Her rich beautiful Mezzo in Beethoven's 9th symphony helped to bring the power and excitement to the work which it deserved.
She and I have often had conversation about the rich Latin American music or "Zarzuela" A form of Spanish Opera.
Anamer Castrello is a singer's singer; A true artist!!

This young lady is Ms. Anne Bragg.
This photo was taken after her senior graduate recital.
I am proud to say that Ms.Bragg came from my studio and gave a very fine senior recital.
In keeping with the theme of Harmony, Ms.Bragg has been accepted into The New York University vocal department.BRAVO!!!!

Last but by no means least,and a true moment of harmony; My becoming a "SINFONIAN"
An honor of which I am still in awe. I was invited by the brother's of Phi Mu Alpha to become a fraternity member and pledged as if I were a young man just beginning his journey.
How could I have ever guessed, that my devotion to my art would result in a living Symphony. "SINFONIA"