Sunday, November 17, 2013


This was my first recital at Morgan State University Thursday November 14th 2013.
Etta & I had both been battling the fear of catching colds for several days. But in spite of this, our evening was very successful. In the photos above are all who helped in making this a lovely performance.
Mr. Vincent Dion Stringer 3rd from the left in the 3rd photo from the top; is the gentlemen  responsible for my being hired on faculty as "Artist in Residence."
His loving support was given in every way possible.
My wife Etta Russell-Scott, who performs with me in most of my concerts, was very well received.
I am very proud to say that she is a product of my studio, also bringing her professional artistry as a cellist to the stage, in my presentation of "Oh Quand je dors" by Franz Liszt.
Mr. Marvin Mills was a welcome delight as accompanist for the Bel Canto Repertoire. He and Etta were an absolute joy for me to perform with on that Liszt piece.
What gave the evening it's final magical touch, was the Jazz piano skills of Mr. Nori Ochiai.
Who came together with me as we had on many occasions before, paying homage to a very great American art form. When I called to see if he could play the date, his response was one of real joy.
Next thing I knew he was here in Baltimore, having come all the way from New York City.
He is my musical partner and my dear, dear friend.
People have sometimes asked with curiosity about the title of my evening. Rather than go into a long explanation I find it best for them to experience me live; and I think their questions would be answered.   and from the heart of   "The Art of Jazz and Bel Canto"