Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Loss of an Icon

Recently we all had to say goodbye to one of the great gifts in the world of Art, Miss Lena Horne. To digest her passing for me is a moment of a loss so tremendous, that we who have had careers, know, that it was because of men and women of her excellence. We truly stand on her shoulders.

My personal moment with Miss Horne was brief but absolutely magical. On tour with The Wiz (National Co.) in Los Angeles, Miss Horne attended our show; I was starring as Mr. Wiz at the time. She came to my dressing room and paid me one of the finest compliments I've ever received: that because of my rendition of the song "If You Believe." she had to record it. We all remember her film version of this song. All I can say is: "There'll never be another like her." I'm truly saddened at The Loss of an Icon.

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  1. I love the legendary story about Miss Horne's father being a big time numbers runner, and when Hollywood summoned her he went along to look after his daughter's interests. Mr. Horne told the big wigs that "I make a lot of money and I can afford maids for my daughter if that's what she wants, but there's no way in hell that I will ever allow you people to cast her as a maid." And they never did.

    The Hornes talked the walk and walked it--a proud Black family back when it would have been so much easier on them had they decided to "pass," but they refused to deny their roots and their people.

    Thank you, Miss Horne, and Rest In Peace. Vis a vis The Wiz, please give my love especially to Mr. Nipsey and to MJ.