Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Message

It's a magical moment where a person is suspended in time, when you create a beauty that is almost unexplainable in a sense. The human voice has always been intriguing, but people have become very muscular with it. They think that they control the voice, and the Art of this is giving up control to find out how the body does that by itself--an involuntary action like martial arts, like great pianists.

It becomes an involuntary muscular reflex and it's never been considered to be true of voice, but in the Italian school that's what they learn to do. The others may sing beautifully...they think they are singing like the Italians. They have great voices but it's not the same thing, and I think that needs to be understood by everyone.

Bel Canto singing is a particular scientific development that takes a minute, and it takes giving up a lot of one's self. You have to be selfless and have a tremendous passion. It creates freedom, total vocal freedom, total! And I've always wanted to know that, so that's my idea, and then it allows me to sing other forms of music, too.


  1. I remember so well the day that you told me that my voice should be trained. Bruce and I were preparing a program for a children's party and I was playing the cello and violin and singing backup vocals. I had struggled for years, trying to get my voice to sing well and was so frustrated because I sang in either a pretty high and light voice or a heavier chesty sound and those two sounds had no meeting ground. This put a serious limitation on what songs I could sing.

    Shortly after that evening I went to one of your master classes. Experiencing that cemented my interest in studying with you totally because I heard something I had never heard before. The students didn't sound alike - each voice was quite distinct, but they all had a similar ease of approach to singing. I wanted the sound that I heard. So I began to work with you, and the rest is history.

  2. Kenneth Kamal Scott has the most incredible vocal instrument...he teaching skills impact students, mind, body and most of all spirit....his art is not a is the reality of a gift that Kamal, as I lovingly call him, has and is graciously accepting and presenting to the world...with a smile in his heart! Blessings to you and yours , sir!