Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Metamorphosis

In early American Music - Blues, Jazz, Vaudeville, Musical Theatre and so forth - we turn to important artists of African American and European descent who all vocally used the Middle Voice (Mezza Voce) as a means of expression. It is important to understand that this voice quality was an expected, natural, and loved quality, not one which was an effort or unnatural to the human spirit.

Being on faculty in major institutions has validated the fact that fresh young voices respond instantly to this form of development. If you approach this form of development looking in any way for self aggrandizement, you will fail. In so many parts of the human experience we have witnessed man's constant arrogance and unwillingness to bend to the unseen power of the Spirit.

It is this state of grace that supports the magic of true Bel Canto. The Mezza Voce propagates itself to full legitimate functioning. "The Metamorphosis."

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