Friday, March 19, 2010

Mezza Voce

As an artist and teacher, among my ambitions was the desire to develop in myself and in others the ability to grow in the Art of Bel Canto singing, a form of opera singing which displays absolute beauty, flexibility and power. A unified column, not resorting to chest voice or falsetto, but combining both registers, which results in vocal health – meaning, maintenance and longevity. The singer would learn about something I call “the middle way” -- as in Siddhartha, neither too strong or too soft -- the “mezza voce”, the middle voice; the muscular coordination between chest and falsetto; the coming together of two different energies.

What has not been generally understood concerning the “mezza voce" is its myriad uses in other genres of singing: jazz, Broadway, pop, and so forth.

In regards to this, you may be interested in knowing that I am in concert on April 3, 2010 at 2:00 PM at the Countee Cullen Library at 104 West 136th Street in Harlem. My programming will consist of European classics, African-American spirituals, and an entire half devoted to jazz.

You can also take a peek at Kenneth Kamal Scott on YouTube. Here are linked clips from my February 22, 2009 concert at The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and from Billy Cobham’s album, "Simplicity of Expression, Depth of Thought." The two pieces on the album that feature my voice are "Bolinas" and Early "Libra."


  1. Maestro: I haven't had the honor of studying with you (yet), and I look forward to another of your beautiful recitals in April.

  2. oh Kamal, this is beautifully written. I look forward to reading more!

  3. Kenneth Kamal Scott has the most incredible voice instrument...his teaching skills impact students, mind, body and most of all spirit...his art is not a is the reality of a gift that Kamal, as I lovingly call him, has and is graciously accepting and presenting to the in his heart! Blessings to you and yours, sir!

  4. Kamal!! I love your new blog. I have been teaching my students at North Carolina Central University where I am a music professor, your technique that you have studied and teach - Bel Canto, and everything I have learned from you. They are doing beautifully and sing both Jazz and Classical music. I am so grateful to you. I remember when I lived in Boston and took the train weekly to New York to study for you for a full year before I moved to New York. I am working on bringing you to NCCU for a master class and workshop in 2010-11 school year. Much love to you and Etta. Miss you both!