Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Green Olives"

We decided to have pizza tonight, something we very seldom have now that we're watching our weight. I'm someone who loves all the toppings, etc. and was in seventh heaven savoring every bite, and among the many tasty treats were of course black olives. Suddenly my mind reverted to my childhood and I remembered going shopping on Fridays with my mother when frequently she would say,"If you're a good boy, you can have a whole bottle of green olives all to yourself". She knew how much I loved them. Thanksgiving always brought so many delights to our dinning room table, green olives with pimentos being on the list.

My Mother passed away on a Thanksgiving Day and for awhile I didn't think I'd ever enjoy the day again. But this Holiday season I'm showered with the remembrances of her love for me and her good taste in all things. Both my parents were great singers; I've heard nothing but the best my entire growing up. Because of their great vocal abilities I am blessed with a passion for the human voice. The simple joys of Friday shopping with Mom and green olives still live alongside the ultimate joy of making beautiful sounds.

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  1. I love Marlon! And, I adore my teacher whom I miss terribly, Kamal Scott!! Big hugszzzz from North Carolina!! Loved the picture of you two. Muah!!