Monday, November 1, 2010


Another special event to share with my followers!!!

Some time ago while living in Boston, I had the good fortune of being a part of
"The New England Spiritual Ensemble," created and directed by Mr. Vincent Stringer, "Baritone Extraordinaire."

I was so flattered when he asked me to to become a member. My stay with the ensemble was short-lived but remains one of my most fulfilling experiences. Mr. Stringer had the foresight to recognize the importance and rich legacy of the African American Spiritual.

Several days ago Vincent found me on the Internet and posted on my website. Right away I called and we had a great conversation catching up with each others recent activities. Vincent is presently at Morgan State heading the Opera Dept. His ensemble is now based in D.C. and re-named "The National Spiritual Ensemble." We look forward to exploring artistic possibilities once again. He is also a dear friend of my wife Etta who was as blown away as I, at our reacquaintance with our dear friend and fellow artist, Vincent Stringer.

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