Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"The Light at the end of the Tunnel"

All who decide to make the journey concerning the truth of vocal development understand
how difficult (and often disastrous) this can be, and every teacher would like to believe that he has a correct path of growth for the voices placed in his care.

A couple of years ago a young man by the name of Andy Watt came to me in search of vocal support. Andy is a very successful New York City attorney, but his heart's dream is to write and produce his own music partially contingent on a secure knowledge and production of his voice.

I feel like a proud parent because the voice we began with is no longer what we now hear. Andy's voice has grown and strengthened as the result of his talent, hard work and determination.

You can just imagine the joy in my heart when I look into the face of a singer who is bursting with pride and self confidence. Andy Watt, you are to be commended; you have the courage and integrity to pursue your dream and bring it to life. I hope that "the light at the end of the tunnel" continues to grow brighter and more brilliant for you. I, along with all your fellow students from our Master Classes, applaud you.

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