Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The closing of the semester brought many emotions to the fore.
Students who were leaving Morgan State University,  having achieved their goal of receiving a degree were about to become apart of the American workforce.
Feelings of joy and  sadness ran extremely high for both teachers and students.
Pictures from my former blog help to show the excitement and warmth of this graduation ceremony.
Watching each student walk the runway to receive their diploma, was a truly great moment!!!!

My runway experience at this time led me to Hagerstown Maryland, where I became one of five judges for The Miss Maryland Pageant, and Miss outstanding Teen for 2013.
The process was extremely intense, every day during the week leading to the final choice of Miss Maryland and Miss Outstanding Teen.
Judged on Fitness, Oral Communication, Bathing Suit, Talent, Evening Gown, Beauty, Poise, and a demeanor, that is in keeping with the  duties of  their positions; We the judges had the difficult job of choosing the two young ladies out of twenty four in each category that we thought, met the desired qualifications.

 Left: Christina Denny Miss Maryland 2013 / Right: Sabrina Frost Miss Outstanding Teen 2013

             Below are the five judges for the pageant.
 Kenneth Kamal Scott, Brenda Thomas, Dennis Momyer, Danae DeMasi and Devin Holmes

Everyone was shocked to learn that I was the first African American dancer on the Miss America Pageant back in the days of Bert Parks, Bess Myerson, and The Atlantic City Runway.
I was chosen by Peter Genero (Choreographer) who used me also, on the Ed Sullivan show every Sunday for over two years.
Thinking back to the other time, I have to say that The Miss America pageant in those days was truly a"FABULOUS"experience. However, our producer Sherry Rush and her assistant Jonathan Black worked tirelessly to maintain the standards of the past, where beauty and brains were expected if you were to wear the crown.
While we were there, we learned that the pageant was returning to her home in "Atlantic City" to once again bring to the boardwalk  "Beauty on the Runway".

                                  "Miss Maryland"

                The Judges and contestants who also placed. 

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