Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Grand Finale

It certainly has been a while since I've been able to find time to let you know what I've been up to!!!

I have completed my spring semester commuting from Maryland to New York City, teaching every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Needless to say it was quite an undertaking which I seem to have ordered with as little stress as possible. It wasn't all that easy; I only wish I had stock in Amtrak.

My season at the New School culminated with a performance by the students from my Wednesday morning two hour class "Story, Song, and Stage." I have to say I was very proud of the sophistication and professionalism they gave. Well attended and well received, their choice of material was a delight. Such interesting pieces as "Ballad for Very Tired and Very Sad Lotus-Eaters" by Fred Hersch to Lady Gaga's  "Telephone". Each one of the students gave a superb performance, but I think it was a general feeling from the class that we all fell in love with the performance of  Dacia King's mesmerizing delivery of  "The Peacocks" " (A timeless place)"  By Bill Evans. This class and my individual classes at the school showed tremendous vocal progress and revealed the hard work they all put in during this semester.

However, following their Thursday, April 26 performance, I  presented some of my private students with my wife Etta and myself in a studio recital Saturday, April 28 at Chelsea Studios Theater Works. Andy Watt, Tenor, sang his first performance: a solo aria and duet with Soprano Alexis Ruiz (Parigio Cara). I could have burst I was so proud!!! Alexis, in her solo aria "Io son lumile ancella" soared to new vocal heights and won the hearts of her audience. Her father, with tears in his eyes, was overjoyed.  Etta's beautifully sung "L'amero saro costante" coupled with she and I singing "the Cherry Duet," "Nocturne," from Don Pasquale, and, myself, "Languir per una bella" made for some lovely well presented moments. 

Last but by no means least, was Dramatic Mezzo  Soprano Wendy Gerbier who literally took the roof off with her rendition of Ulrica's aria from  Un Ballo in Maschera "Re dell"abisso affrettati." She recently sang for one of President Obama's rallies in Connecticut and is making her Paris debut in February 2013. A few days ago she was hired to perform in New York in a full length "Aida" as Amneris. She and I have worked very hard to find the freedom that her magnificent gift deserves.

After all that good singing on Saturday I was to sing again on the coming Monday.  MISTAKE!!!!! Call it stress, nerves, who knows??? Not the GRAND FINALE I expected.

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