Saturday, January 28, 2012

"The Prodigal Blogger"

I'm still here for those of you who have been such loyal supporters.

Newcomers to the website may have noticed my recent relocation to Baltimore, Maryland. Moving from one city area to another is one thing, but from state to state is more than a notion. We did it! We're here! And still in love with our choice.
Moving and commuting to NYC weekly to fulfill my teaching obligations was a monumental task, but I'm back in gear and eager to keep you abreast of what's happening.

First, a shout out to Stephen Akaka for getting in touch. His family was a great part of my growing up, and now we've reconnected and I can't wait to reminisce and find out what life changes they've experienced.

An apology is also in order to Loren Schoenberg, who was gracious enough to contact me to share her collection of recordings of my father, Leslie Scott, with Coleman Hawkins. I do hope my slow response will not interfere with our coming to know one another and to share this great musical history.

And to Mr. Cash Calloway a former guitar student of my uncle, Irving Ashby, I'd like to say thank you for sharing your experience. I'm sure we would both agree he was one of the greatest.

One of my recent highlights was being invited to see The Lion King here in Baltimore and teaching several of the company members while they were here. I'm fortunate to have students in both the B'way production and the touring national company.

Now, another semester begins and the commute continues. However, if you may be curious as to the progress of my memoir, make no mistake, it will be done. We had to take a deep breath and forge ahead one step at a time; with renewed energy and optimism we continue. Etta has become a very special entity at her school, and is very excited about the future. Pepe is like a new puppy, free & content.

So my friends, I really didn't stray so far and my joy in sharing my life's experiences are still a large part of the ongoing journey.


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