Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Monday evening New York got a breath of "Fresh Air" administered by the lovely Brianna Thomas, a voice of extreme beauty and excellence, a vocalist who takes us back to the days of great show business and innovative jazz stylings. It was a packed house of musicians, singers, teachers, students, and family members who came expecting something wonderful. However, we got much more: we witnessed the birth of a real artist.

I am most fortunate to have been her voice instructor at The New School for the past several semesters. Our work together not only secured her vocal column, but has given her an understanding of how to maintain vocal health and promote serious longevity. Brianna's talent is one that only God can take credit for; we are only blessed to have been a small part of her journey toward total professionalism. Our Executive Director, Martin Mueller, wore a smile of pride that shone like a beacon (see photo).

The Brianna Thomas Quartet performed recently at Dizzy's at Lincoln Center. Her evening's title was "Night Time is the Right Time," but when you listen to Brianna, any time is the right time for that breath of "Fresh Air."

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