Monday, July 5, 2010

Lasting Friendships

Today, I feel most fortunate among men!!!

I have chronologically spent more than a few decades on this planet, and a gift most rare is to arrive at this place in time with real friends present just as they were at the beginning.

My good friend Bob DiPaolo called to say hello and to re-affirm what we mean to one another. With that he gave me license to tell his part in my life story. We grew up together in Roxbury, Massachusetts and have known each other from the first grade, through graduating from high school in the same class, to the present day. He is the genuine article--"My Friend."

On this same day I was able (because of my ghostwriter) to locate Jeremy Ives. Thank God for the Internet!!! I was a young Balletomane with a great gift for the discipline of dancing the Ballet and I was taking classes at American Ballet Theatre on 57th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues. Jeremy was dancing with ABT, later with New York City Ballet, and then in the Metropolitan Ballet for 15 yearrs. When I got him on the phone today, we were both speechless for a moment; not since we were in our twenties had we spoken. We were inseperable in our youth! Now, he with a 41 year old son and me with two sons aged 42 and 44 shared a conversation that confirmed what we were then and what we are now--"Still Friends" Jeremy, too, was adament about sharing our story.

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