Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A vocal Comet

I met Maestro LaSalva from the New York Grand Opera last week. He was interested in hearing me sing. I went and sang the aria from Un Ballo that you worked with me. At first, he didn't say
anything and at that point I was ready to just go, because I figured it was another one of those auditions" where they say they like but.... blah, blah, blah. Then he asked me who I was studying with. I gave him your name and he said to tell you that you're doing an excellent job with me; and that whatever you are doing with me, keep doing it! He's very excited about the voice and although he said he's not doing anything now that requires a Mezzo, he's excited to put something together to showcase me, because he feels that the world needs to hear my voice. Well, that pleased me to hear.

I wanted to share that with you Kamal, because I know you truly have helped me to discover my voice in a completely different way. You've built up my vocal confidence in a way I could have never imagined. Thank you for that.

A note from my student, Wendy Gerbier

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